Artist Interview – Yoshi Stokes of Prefectly Random Designs

October 2012 Show Interview:

Wow! Well, our 2012 October event is just a few short days away and we have a few more artists to introduce you to…

Today we are really excited to bring you another new addition to our group, Yoshi Stokes of Prefectly Random Designs ( Yoshi is a young printmaker and jewelry artist who uses a recycled material in her jewelry that at least a few folks out there might be familiar with.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a part time art student attempting to avoid ‘real’ employment by selling my handmade jewelry and prints.

What kind of artist are you? And what first drew you to that particular medium?
I can’t really pin myself down as any particular sort of artist. I dabble a bit in everything, but I’m focused on printmaking and jewelry at the moment.  I was first drawn to printmaking as a way of making greeting cards, but after making and printing my first plate I quickly forgot that plan and just fell in love with the process. Jewelry has always been an interest for me. I finally got serious about it after taking a class at College of Marin. The use of vinyl first came along when I wanted to make a silhouette to match some earrings I had just bought, while looking for a material to cut it out of I found a broken record on my garage floor and thought, “I bet I could cut that!” Vinyl is cheaper than any type of metal so I can produce and sell my work affordably.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
Not much else. If I’m not doing jewelry or printing, I’m doing something else like sewing or painting. Other than that I love restoring old furniture and I spend a lot of time watching TV or reading.

Who is your greatest creative influence?
I can’t think of anyone specifically- there are too many to list. However, in both my jewelry and my printmaking I am inspired by what I describe as, “the contents of a Victorian adventurer’s parlor.”

Please describe your creative process.
My mind does things and my hands follow.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
In my first jewelry class I made myself a pair of simple silver rings, I’ve worn them almost everyday since. They mean a lot to me.

What is it about living in the North Bay that most inspires your creativity?
Good weather, the trees, the water and the sunsets.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Pretty much where I am now, but in a small live-in studio.

Thank you Yoshi!

After you’ve checked out Yoshi’s work, click over to check out her mom, Sally’s interview here on the blog.


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