Free Membership Staring Nov 1 2015

Become a Member of Marin Handmade!

Marin Handmade’s membership is a collective of seasoned and emerging artisans living and working in the North Bay (Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties), whose work exemplifies excellent craftsmanship.

Our group events are member-initiated, and including trunk shows or boutique shows at local venues. We have a base of artisans who are active and very supportive of each other via the group forum, sharing resources, event opportunities and ideas. We are looking for more active active members!

Growing our membership will also promote more action in our communities. To be an “active member” you will be invited to join our private membership group on FACEBOOK, where we share art and craft resources & ideas. If you choose not to join our Facebook Group, you will receive a semiannual newsletter. If you have news about your work or upcoming events, you are welcome to send a short story or post to us to promote on our blog or social networking pages, or you can share to our page on Facebook.

As of November 2015, membership is now free!

North Bay artisans interested in becoming an active member of Marin Handmade, can contact us via email. You will have the opportunity to be included in our interview series for new members on the blog. Please email 3 great photos representing your best work.


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