Marin Handmade Members in the Marin IJ Again, Thanksgiving 2015

In 2014, the Marin Independent Journal featured our Marin Handmade collective on the first page of its holiday gift guide, written by Judith M. Wilson. This year Judith included two of our most active members (on page 4); Charlene Lundgren Frischer for her felting and handmade bears (, and Karen Giles for her nuno felted scarves and bangles. Congrats! We are looking for a link to the article online, but in the meantime, here is a photo showing Buster the bear (he’s waiting for you to take him home)!



We found it! Click here to read the entire article online, and also learned another one of our members, Virginia Simpson-Magruder is mentioned, for her soldered jewelry (on page 6)! She will be at the Marin MOCA Open Studios this year.

Marin IJ Nov 2015

Free Membership Staring Nov 1 2015

Become a Member of Marin Handmade!

Marin Handmade’s membership is a collective of seasoned and emerging artisans living and working in the North Bay (Marin, Sonoma and Napa counties), whose work exemplifies excellent craftsmanship.

Our group events are member-initiated, and including trunk shows or boutique shows at local venues. We have a base of artisans who are active and very supportive of each other via the group forum, sharing resources, event opportunities and ideas. We are looking for more active active members!

Growing our membership will also promote more action in our communities. To be an “active member” you will be invited to join our private membership group on FACEBOOK, where we share art and craft resources & ideas. If you choose not to join our Facebook Group, you will receive a semiannual newsletter. If you have news about your work or upcoming events, you are welcome to send a short story or post to us to promote on our blog or social networking pages, or you can share to our page on Facebook.

As of November 2015, membership is now free!

North Bay artisans interested in becoming an active member of Marin Handmade, can contact us via email. You will have the opportunity to be included in our interview series for new members on the blog. Please email 3 great photos representing your best work.

Marin Handmade featured in Marin IJ Holiday Gift Guide

The Marin IJ published “The Art of Holiday Shopping” in their Gift Guide insert on Thanksgiving 2014, and featured our Marin Handmade collective on the first page! Note photos of Karen Giles Designs, Wreath by Sally Stokes, and Jewelry by Compass Rose. Other Marin Handmade members mentioned for local holiday shopping venues are Heather Graef, Boneyard Beanies, Tisha Thompson, and Charlene Lundgren. Congrats fellow MH members on our first major newspaper press mention!

Marin IJ Nov 27 2014 1 Marin IJ Nov 27 2014 2

Final Events of 2012: Last Chance Holiday Fairs

Marin Handmade has been growing as we add new members to the collective. It is exciting to see such support for local handmade goods in the bay area.


This Friday, December 14, we’ll be doing an exciting collaboration with the Marin History Museum, who has just opened a new museum shop in the plaza on 4th St. in downtown San Rafael. The Mini Holiday Craft Fair will coincide with the Friday Artwalk in Downtown San Rafael from 5-8pm. Come visit us at 1026 Court St off of 4th st.


Participating Artists:

The Marin History Museum will continue to operate a rotating schedule exhibits from the beautiful Boyd Estate in San Rafael, a previous home of Arctic Explorer and adventurer Louise Arner Boyd.

Stay tuned for Heirloom Craft Night at the Marin History Museum – we’ll be doing some collaborations in 2013 including the heirloom watch case locket workshop with Compass Rose Design Jewelry.


12 Days of Christmas at Marin mart
Join us December 22 at MARIN MART from 11am-6pm


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Reflective Seamless Backgrounds

Read this snazzy, detailed post on photographing your work with a reflective white background. Whether using a reflective or matte surface, white makes your work really look great.
This post has 5 parts (on 5 pages), and goes on to talk about dark backgrounds, so grab a cup of tea… there’s lots to read. You might be inspired to try something like this on a scale that fits your space and the size of your work.

Artist Interview – Yoshi Stokes of Prefectly Random Designs

October 2012 Show Interview:

Wow! Well, our 2012 October event is just a few short days away and we have a few more artists to introduce you to…

Today we are really excited to bring you another new addition to our group, Yoshi Stokes of Prefectly Random Designs ( Yoshi is a young printmaker and jewelry artist who uses a recycled material in her jewelry that at least a few folks out there might be familiar with.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a part time art student attempting to avoid ‘real’ employment by selling my handmade jewelry and prints.

What kind of artist are you? And what first drew you to that particular medium?
I can’t really pin myself down as any particular sort of artist. I dabble a bit in everything, but I’m focused on printmaking and jewelry at the moment.  I was first drawn to printmaking as a way of making greeting cards, but after making and printing my first plate I quickly forgot that plan and just fell in love with the process. Jewelry has always been an interest for me. I finally got serious about it after taking a class at College of Marin. The use of vinyl first came along when I wanted to make a silhouette to match some earrings I had just bought, while looking for a material to cut it out of I found a broken record on my garage floor and thought, “I bet I could cut that!” Vinyl is cheaper than any type of metal so I can produce and sell my work affordably.

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
Not much else. If I’m not doing jewelry or printing, I’m doing something else like sewing or painting. Other than that I love restoring old furniture and I spend a lot of time watching TV or reading.

Who is your greatest creative influence?
I can’t think of anyone specifically- there are too many to list. However, in both my jewelry and my printmaking I am inspired by what I describe as, “the contents of a Victorian adventurer’s parlor.”

Please describe your creative process.
My mind does things and my hands follow.

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
In my first jewelry class I made myself a pair of simple silver rings, I’ve worn them almost everyday since. They mean a lot to me.

What is it about living in the North Bay that most inspires your creativity?
Good weather, the trees, the water and the sunsets.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Pretty much where I am now, but in a small live-in studio.

Thank you Yoshi!

After you’ve checked out Yoshi’s work, click over to check out her mom, Sally’s interview here on the blog.

Artist Interview – Karen Giles of Karen Designs

October 2012 Show Interview:

As you may know, Marin Handmade is very excited to be returning to Art Works Downtown again this year with another Evening of Art and Craft in 2012. The event is next Friday, October 12 from 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and while we have many artists returning from last year’s event, we are please to welcome a few new faces this Fall.

Today we start with an interview from Karen Giles Designs ( Karen knits and sews the most luxurious scarves from both new and upcycled yarns and fabrics. We think you will find her to be a truly inspiring addition to our group.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I first learned to knit in high school. I took a long, long hiatus, then learned to crochet. After another long hiatus while raising kids, I am now addicted to yarn and knitting…just can’t get enough.  In addition, I sell the leftover fabrics of a Bay Area art-to-wear clothing designer and sometimes rescue her scraps and fashion them into something unique and wearable.  My sewing skills are less than I would like them to be, but I’m learning!


What kind of artist are you? And what first drew you to that particular medium?
Textile artist. I LOVE color, texture, fabric and fibers. Could just roll around in them all day!

Apart from creating things, what do you do?
I work as a personal assistant/business manager for a woman who is a philanthropist.  I’m also very fitness oriented and teach both Pilates & Yoga, as well as taking Zumba classes and weight training several times a week.

Who is your greatest creative influence?
Right now, I’m loving Jane Thornley’s free range style of knitting – it speaks to my inner rebel who yearns to break the rules and I love the idea that there “are no mistakes.”  I’m trying to learn to make my “mistakes” work for me as part of the design process.  I also love Gina Wilde’s shibori-style knitting.  Catherine Bacon, the clothing designer, is always a source of inspiration with her creativity and unique way of putting fabric and colors together.

Please describe your creative process.
I just get ideas. I am inspired by seeing other people’s creations. Nature, colors, etc. all inspire me. My favorite thing to do is start a new project!

What handmade possession do you most cherish?
What I cherished the most is no longer with me, unfortunately.  My first crocheted afghan…took me over a year to make…and “disappeared” just before I moved from Hawaii to the Bay Area.  So sad.

What is it about living in the North Bay that most inspires your creativity?
Ahh…our beautiful open spaces, the colors – the green hills against brilliant blue sky in the early Spring; the burnished gold hills in late summer; the misty foggy mornings, with the shadows of our hills peeking through…and there are so many other wonderful artists here in the North Bay.  It’s like living among many kindred spirits, even though you might not have yet met them.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Retired from my day job, living in a beautiful remote area, spending all my time creating, doing yoga and whatever I want!

Thank you Karen!