New Workshops!

This summer (2013) Marin Handmade is excited to share some of our techniques with you, in a number of workshops lead by our Members. Join the fun!

Visit www.MarinHandmade.com/workshops.htm for all the info and dates.

2015 UPDATE:
The link above is for 2013 summer workshops.
New workshops will be announced on our blog and Facebook page when available.

Reflective Seamless Backgrounds

Read this snazzy, detailed post on photographing your work with a reflective white background. Whether using a reflective or matte surface, white makes your work really look great.
This post has 5 parts (on 5 pages), and goes on to talk about dark backgrounds, so grab a cup of tea… there’s lots to read. You might be inspired to try something like this on a scale that fits your space and the size of your work.